Party Bus Naperville: Get the Most Out of your Party Bus Rental

Party Bus Naperville: 10 Tips to Get the Most Out of your Party Bus Rental

Renting a party bus in Naperville is a popular choice for weddings, bachelor parties, proms, sport outings, concerts, birthdays, and other festive events. Better yet, it’s a way to insure safe and easy transportation for you and your family and friends. Our Naperville party bus rental company, Spare Wheels Transportation, understands that a great event depends on finding the perfect party bus to get you to and from the party, and this begins with the proper planning. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth ride when you select your perfect party bus.

  1. Check out the party bus Naperville company before you order


For the party bus Naperville has available, do your research. So many companies out there claim to have the best prices and service, making it necessary to check reviews and see what the experience really is like. You’ll rest easy before the event knowing you chose a rental service you can trust, and have the most enjoyable time during the event.

  1. Ask about insurance and permits

While most people searching for a party bus in Naperville forget to consider this technical aspect, it is extremely important. Legally, party buses require class B drivers who maintain daily logs, along with regular inspections. Be sure to ask for these items, along with insurance and a license number, which can be found on the front and back bumper of the bus.

  1. Make reservations ahead of time

Think ahead when booking your party bus Naperville rental, because reservations need to be made early on, especially during times of high demand such as wedding season. We recommend reserving at least a month in advance and confirming the reservation a week before your rental date. Also consider the cancellation policy: know what to expect if something unexpected happens and you have to cancel. Most party bus Naperville companies will help you out and let your reschedule or charge a minimal cancellation fee.

  1. Choose your vehicle

When getting a Naperville party bus, the bus is arguably the most important part! Most companies have different vehicle options to choose from. Consider vehicles according to budget, occasion, and group size. With so many options to choose from, you can find the best party bus Naperville offers to fit your needs. Consider the amenities: flat screen TVs, dance poles, disco balls, lighting, and more.

  1. Plan out the details

Companies like to know detail ahead of time to better plan logistics. Plus, it can only make your ride more stress-free when the time comes. Have a good idea of how many people are riding in the bus, how many house you need the service, and how far you are going. Add a little extra to the time and attendees to be safe. Have this planned when you make the reservation, and get a written booking confirmation with the agreed-upon rate, deposit amount, pick-up and drop-of times and locations, and any other relevant details.

  1. Establish the cost

Each company has its own unique pricing structure. Understand the difference between an hourly and flat rate to see which works better for your needs. As the best party bus Naperville has, our company never hits you with any hidden fees after the rental, but some do. See how much companies charge if you go over the agreed time, and other small details.

  1. Select the music

Different party bus Naperville companies have different music options. Since you’ll want background music to get the party started, this is important to consider. While you can usually get radio or satellite radio, you may prefer to bring your own music playlist on an iPod or cd. Plan ahead to ensure good music and fun.


  1. Get the food and refreshments ready

Food and beverages are one of the most fun things to get ready before your event. Some companies offer packages for purchase, and others allow you to bring your own food aboard. Check your company’s policies and offerings, and then get planning!

  1. Plan your routes

Create an itinerary ahead of time, so that your company and driver can plan accordingly. Let them know if you have one direct destination, or stops along the way. This way, you can avoid any confusion and let the driver worry about your destination, while you enjoy your party bus in Naperville.

  1. Don’t forget the tip

It is customary to tip your party bus Naperville driver 18% to 20% of the base price of your bus rental. Some companies add the tip automatically, but others leave the tip up to the customer. If this is the case, be sure to collect a contribution from all of your friends to create a tip fund.

Choose the best party bus rental in Naperville and enjoy your event

Take these tips to find the best party bus Naperville has available. With a little work and effort ahead of time, you can guarantee yourself the best party. Contact Spare Wheels Transportation for your upcoming party bus rental and to get more advice on planning for your rental.

What To Know When Securing A Bus Rental In Chicago For Your Group Event

What To Know When Securing A Bus Rental In Chicago For Your Group EventFinding a quality vendor for a professional bus rental in Chicago can enhance the flow of virtually any group function. At Spare Wheels, we work with clients managing the logistics of a wide range of functions to provide a professional bus rental in Chicago that suits all of their specific transportation needs. Sporting events, after school functions, church groups, and even wedding functions and festivities, Spare Wheels offers customers the right bus rental in Chicago to get everyone in your party to the venue both on time and safely.


Important Considerations When Choosing A Provider For Your Bus Rental In Chicago


When you’re ready to find the right bus rental in Chicago for your next big event, it’s important to know a few helpful tips when screening various vendors. Knowing what to ask and what to expect can ensure that you enjoy a convenient and streamlined process from booking right through to your final drop off on event day. Keep these five key pointers in mind for the best vendor experience:


Start the process stat: Don’t wait to start screening vendors for your bus rental in Chicago; instead, start the process as soon as you know that you’ll need group transportation. There are always busy seasons throughout the year, and securing your transportation quickly will mean that you won’t miss out on a quality vendor.


Customize your experience: At Spare Wheels, we firmly believe that every customer deserves a customized transportation experience. In short, we want to hear all the details! Telling us about the group size, type of function, and overall vibe you’re hoping to achieve can help us put together the right services and amenities for a quality experience from start to finish.


Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all vehicles: Some transportation companies only offer one type of vehicle for clients. At Spare Wheels, we offer a comprehensive range of vehicle options. The result? Our customers never have to pay for more room than they’ll need.


Ask about including food and beverages: Beyond offering optimal transport convenience, a bus rental in Chicago means that you and your guests can enjoy pre-event festivities during the drive in (and out). A quality provider will always work with you to put together a food and beverage selection that will kick things off on a fun and festive note.


Discuss the route: A quality provider will want to discuss your specific route requirements. Understanding all the pick-up and drop-off locations can help them piece together an itinerary that makes the day as convenient and efficient as possible.


Iron out pricing: No one likes to experience sticker shock; when finding a bus rental in Chicago, ask about all pricing and fees upfront. Does your provider offer a flat rate? Or, will you be billed by the hour? Are there other expenditures (such as fuel) that you’ll be expected to cover? Knowing what to expect with costs can help you keep your event budget in check.


Want to learn more about our bus rental offerings and amenities? Visit Spare Wheels online today.

Sourcing A Wedding Bus Rental? Key Reasons To Partner With Spare Wheels For Your Event

Wedding TransportationHere at Spare Wheels, we know firsthand that planning a wedding, while a joyous time in any couple’s life, can also prove a potentially stressful and inconvenient endeavor. With so much pressure on the happy couple to plan a “perfect” day, it can feel challenging to source the right vendors for the many logistics that warrant consideration throughout the planning process. Finding the right reception location, choosing the food that will be served, and selecting a color scheme for the day are just some of the many important decisions that require attention when planning for success on your wedding day.

Spare Wheels: Providing Superior Limo And Wedding Bus Rental Options

What’s another key logistic that plays a pivotal role in practically any wedding day plan? Providing transportation throughout the day for wedding party guests. Bride, groom, parents, family and wedding attendants are just some of the many guests that may require transport to various locations throughout the day. From arriving at the venue for the marriage ceremony to whisking the bridal party away to an outside location for group photos, and even ensuring honored guests arrive at the reception on time, all are important steps in maintaining the flow of your big day.

Here at Spare Wheels, we often work with engaged couples that are looking for solutions to their wedding transportation needs. What’s one of the things that surprise these clients most? Learning that, for larger group needs, they do not have to rely on renting multiple limos to get everyone where they need to be. At Spare Wheels, we often recommend opting for one of our luxurious wedding bus rental options as an ideal solution.

Spare Wheels: How We Stand Apart From The Competition

At Spare Wheels, we have worked hard to set our company apart from the competition throughout the Chicago area. We know that your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life; that’s why we offer licensed and insured services to all of our clients. This, coupled with our established reputation for superior customer satisfaction and quality of service, helps give our clients ultimate peace of mind that they are entrusting their needs to a qualified and professional provider.

Additionally, when partnering with Spare Wheels for your wedding needs, you’ll have access to our new, luxurious inventory. We recognize that every couple has their own unique and distinctive wedding vision; that’s why we offer an extensive inventory to help meet every request and requirement. Working with us means we will work closely with you to create a customized final strategy that delivers a perfect transportation fit.

Finally, working with Spare Wheels for your wedding bus rental means you’ll be paired with a professional, highly qualified driver who has extensive industry knowledge. We know that there can be a wide range of unexpected variables that arise on your big day; our team of driving experts is prepared for anything to ensure that your transportation needs are managed without a hitch.

Want to learn more about how Spare Wheels’ wedding bus rental options can satisfy all your transportation needs on the big day? Then contact us today.

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