Where Can Bus Transportation In Naperville Take You?

Where Can You Go When You Hire Bus Transportation In Naperville?

bus transportation in Naperville

Day trips, evening trips, short trips, long trips; if you’re wondering where you can go when you hire bus transportation in Naperville from Spare Wheels, the short answer is, anywhere! If you are thinking about planning a large group outing, here are some popular destinations people tend to hire bus transportation for.

Northern Illinois Conference Centers

The NIU Naperville Conference Center is a go-to venue for everything from corporate meetings to weddings. The unique space accommodates many flexible room configurations, and the venue offers full-service event planning, catering and high-tech audio/visual equipment. Located with easy access off I-88, the conference center is also convenient to several area hotels.

Hiring bus transportation in Naperville can take your employees to and from a day seminar, or your weddings guests to nearby hotels following your reception.

Cantigny Park

The Cantigny Gardens and Museums in Wheaton have something for everyone to enjoy. With more than 500 acres, the property includes award-winning botanical gardens, two museums, a golf course, two lavish venues for weddings, and several smaller rooms for private functions.

Whether you’re planning a family reunion at the gardens or a senior outing at the museums, hiring wheelchair accessible bus transportation in Naperville will ensure everyone arrives together safely.

DuPage Children’s Museum   

For an unforgettable birthday party, load up your children and all their friends for a trip to the DuPage Children’s Museum in Naperville. The museum features fun, hands-on activities for children to explore and learn through exhibits and activities centered on math, science and art. The venue offers private party rentals as well as group events for schools and scouts.

Hiring bus transportation in Naperville gets the party started before the kiddos even step foot in the museum! For a memorable experience, party bus rentals offer music, TVs, and snack bars so even the youngest riders feel like VIPs.

Downtown Naperville Pub Crawl

Lest we forget the adult fun, downtown Naperville is a great spot to host a pub crawl, whether it’s for a special event like a bachelor/bachelorette party, or just a night out with a big group of friends. Hiring bus transportation in Naperville ensures your group stays together and travels safely between bars and back to your home base. Some popular downtown bars to include on your crawl are Jackson Ave Pub on W. Jackson Avenue, The Lantern on W. Chicago Ave, Frankie’s Blue Room on W. Chicago Ave, and Quigley’s Irish Pub on E. Jefferson Ave.

Choose Spare Wheels For Bus Transportation In Naperville

Whether you want to keep everyone in your party together during the day, or you want to go out in style and arrive safely back home at night, bus transportation in Naperville from Spare Wheels will get you there. Call Spare Wheels at (630) 377-4637 or email pickmeup@sparewheels.com for a no-obligation quote, and let us take the planning out of your travel plans!

What To Know About Renting A Party Bus In St Charles

FAQs About Renting A Party Bus In St. Charles

Bachelor/bachelorette parties, reunions, concerts, sporting events, pub crawls, or just a night out in St. Charles with friends, nothing is a bigger buzz kill than figuring out transportation when everyone wants to have a good time.

The solution? Renting a party bus in St Charles. Light-years better than a taxi and safer than the uber-popular Uber driver, a party bus is the ultimate ride when you want to get to and from your destination in style and comfort.

How Is A Party Bus Different?

Depending on the size of your group and how far you’re going, you can choose several party bus St Charlessize busses to accommodate your needs. Some ultra-swanky modern party buses even feature built-in bars and couches, restrooms, flat-screen televisions, and even mood lighting and a bumping sound system.

Will I Have A Shady Driver?

Your party bus driver in St. Charles a highly skilled driver that has been trained to display courteousness and professionalism at all times. You and your party will be made to feel comfortable and confident that you will get to and from your destination safely.

How Do Me And My Friends Get To The Bus?

By reserving a party bus in advance, you will receive prompt door-to-door service and your driver will have directions and instructions ahead of time to eliminate confusion and miscommunication, particularly at the end of the night!

Isn’t Renting A Party Bus Expensive?

While a party bus rental is more expensive than a cab, the service and amenities are incomparable. Additionally, if you have a large group, 15 people or more, it becomes far more economical when the cost is split amongst the group.

How Are Fares Calculated For A Party Bus?

When you request a quote for a party bus in St. Charles, you will typically receive a flat rate fare for the event. Whether you plan to be gone for 3 hours or 8 hours, you will know exactly what you are paying. The alternative, watching a taximeter tick by for every minute you’re stuck in gridlock trying to leave the same concert as 30,000 other people. This is right up there on the list of top buzz kills.

Wouldn’t you rather be stuck in traffic sipping cocktails, watching TV, and hanging out with your friends?

Where Can A Party Bus Take Me?

The short answer is, anywhere throughout the St. Charles and greater Chicago area. Getting to all the major stadiums and popular event venues is second-nature for your driver, but if you want to go to a dive bar in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village, rest assured your driver will get you there as well.

Trust Spare Wheels Transportation When You Need A Party Bus In St. Charles

Whether you are taking a day trip into the city or planning a wild night on the town, Spare Wheels Transportation gives you peace of mind that you will get to and from your destination safely and on-time. You will also experience the ultimate in convenience, comfort and style when you ride with us! To learn more about our fleet or request a quote, contact us at (630) 377-4637.

Why You Should Hire A Party Bus In Aurora, IL | Spare Wheels

Four Reasons To Hire A Party Bus In Aurora, IL

Do you have a group event coming up? Maybe your church’s youth group is going on a field trip, or your coworkers are planning a night out at the casino. Maybe you’re getting married soon and would like to provide transportation for your guests to get from the ceremony to the reception.

Instead of arranging carpools and organizing a convoy, make it easy on yourselves and rent a party bus. Aurora, IL, and the surrounding area has so many great things to do that there are tons of great opportunities to get some friends together and have a good time. Maximize the fun with easy, reliable transportation.

  1. Keep Everyone Safe

Planning a group outing to a Cubs game? The casino? A bachelorette party? Chances are there will be alcohol involved. Instead of drawing straws to pick a designated driver, hire a party bus in Aurora, IL. That way everyone can enjoy the evening as much as they’d like and everyone on the roads will be safe.

  1. Keep It Cheap

A party bus in Aurora, IL, might seem expensive, but once you’ve spread the cost out across your whole group, you’ll be surprised at how cheap it really is; especially since you’ll be saving a fortune on gas and parking fees. Plus, think of all the frustration you’ll avoid by not having to find parking for your entire group.

party bus aurora il

  1. Everyone Stays Together

Keeping a convoy together on the highway can be very difficult, especially if it’s rush hour or if one of the drivers hasn’t been to your destination before. Solve that problem by keeping everyone in the same vehicle. You won’t have to worry about anyone getting lost, and this way you maximize the fun by hanging out with your friends en route to your destination.

  1. Get The VIP Treatment

If you’re looking to party in style, you can do that on a party bus. Aurora, IL, partiers can get the celebration started as soon as they get on board with amenities such as flat-screen TVs, built-in bars, and plenty of comfortable couches. You can purchase a food and drink package from the rental company or you can bring your own supplies. And don’t forget about the music; you can bring along an iPod with your own playlist or just turn on the radio. With a bus rental, the party gets going the second you step onto the vehicle.

A Party Bus In Aurora, IL Is The Way To Go

With so many great reasons to rent a bus to get your group where you want to go, it would be silly not to do it. Why worry about organizing a convoy, choosing a designated driver, and finding an expensive parking space when you can leave all that to the pros? If you have a group event coming up, call Spare Wheels at (630) 377-4637 or email pickmeup@sparewheels.com to get the party started.

Naperville Party Bus Rental | Tour Fine Wineries In Style

Naperville Party Bus Rental: The Only Way To Tour Chicago’s Wineries In Style

If you live near Naperville, a party bus rental for a winery tour is a relaxing and memorable way to spend a day with friends and family. With a private bus tour, you choose your own group to spend the day with, riding in comfort from one beautiful winery to the next, and none of your party needs to worry about tasting all the wine they care to try. Choose your company, choose your itinerary, and choose your own entertainment, too! In your limo bus, play your favorite music on our premium sound system, or bring a guitar and make your own music. Or, you could enjoy a movie along the way, with wine-tasting intermissions. How about A Walk in The Clouds, or Year of the Comet, or maybe Bottle Shock? So many possibilities!

Naperville Party Bus Rental

Chicago Area Wineries

You’ll have no shortage of choices on which wineries to visit, either. Depending upon your preferences in wine, and how long you want your adventure to last, you could make a day of one or two wineries, or extend into a longer tour. Here are just some of the wineries available to tour in our local area:

  • Valentino Vineyards & Winery – This 20-acre estate produces 20 different wines, which are grown, produced, and bottled on-site. Their outstanding selection ranges from Seyval Blanc and Pinot Grigio to an outstanding Chianti and some Burgundy-style reds. If that’s not enough variety for you, they also produce red and white port wines, fortified with cognac.
  • Lynfred Winery – Lynfred Winery is located in Roselle, offering daily tastings without reservations, and tours on weekends and an Epicurean Experience on Saturday afternoons with reservations. They produce an impressive assortment of red and white wines, with seasonal specialties like spiced red and white wine for the holidays. If you’re interested in something a little different, their dessert and sparkling wine selection includes sparkling apricot, cranberry, and cherry wines.
  • Prairie State Winery – The Prairie State Winery in Genoa has a recently expanded tasting room, and a state-of-the-at dispensing system to prevent tasting wines from oxidizing before you taste them. Their Cabernet Franc has taken multiple awards in recent years. They also have some delicious and unusual wines, like Prairie Berry (blueberry, raspberry), Cranberry, Honey Apple Crisp, Elderberry, Pomegranate, and Rhubarb.
  • Vigneto Del Bino Vineyard & Winery – This boutique winery located in Antioch is a unique experience. It’s a small vineyard with an impressive collection of vine varieties. Their tasting room and patio is open Thursday through Sunday afternoons, and at other times by appointment, because the Trombino family, who own the winery, mans the tasting room. You’ll get the chance to taste uncommon wines like St. Pepin with its tropical aroma, Frontenac Gris Amber with its apple and honey aroma, Red Frontenac with black cherry, currant, and spicy notes, and deep, rich Sabrevois, and great conversation with the vintners.
  • Wild Blossom Meadery & Winery – If you’re interested in trying something even more unusual, Chicago’s Wild Blossom Meadery has all kinds of taste adventures in store. They raise their own bees to produce the honey to make the mead. It’s a modern-day connection to an 8,000-year old tradition, and they offer a widely varied selection of flavors for your sipping pleasure!
  • Cooper’s Hawk Winery – The Cooper’s Hawk Winery in Naperville is the perfect ending to your perfect day of wine touring. Their tasting room is open late, and so is their “casual gourmet” restaurant. Of course, their wine list is astounding, and they will bring you a taste of a wine you are considering ordering, so you’re sure you get a glass of something you love! You’ll need reservations for dinner, but the tasting room welcomes walk-ins whenever it’s open.

Your Day, Your Way

Choose a comfortable and economical 14-passenger bus or go first-cabin in an 18-passenger limo bus with a restroom, leather seating, built-in bar, and 42” plasma screen entertainment system. Spare Wheels Transportation has a full range of vehicles to best serve your group. If you’re in Naperville, party bus rental couldn’t be any easier; we’re here to help you plan your perfect day out.

Consider Party Bus Transportation In Naperville

Do You Want To Be The Event Rockstar? Book Party Bus Transportation In Naperville

Planning a major event of any kind means careful attention to the details, all of them. While many planners focus on the who, the where, and the what, all too often, they forget the how. As in, “how are all of my guests going to get to our designated venue?”

Many function coordinators leave transportation details up to their guests. While this isn’t a bad decision necessarily, it does leave a lot of factors up to chance. Getting lost and showing up late are just a few of the unforeseen events that may occur and let’s not even think about the potential traffic. Don’t risk the reputation and overall experience of your upcoming event; look like a planning rockstar by booking party bus transportation in Naperville.

Every Event Works With Party Bus Transportation In Naperville

Many planners initially assume that their specific event doesn’t warrant party bus transportation in Naperville. However, they quickly realize that virtually any type of gathering can prove an ideal opportunity to leave the driving to the professionals. Using this type of transportation service means getting your attendees where they need to be, on time, and most importantly, safely.

When should you consider party bus transportation in Naperville? Just some of the many functions that work with group transport include:

Wedding Celebrations

Oftentimes, planners think about group transport for the wedding itself; however, there are a multitude of opportunities to consider group transport throughout the festivities. Bachelor/bachelorette parties, engagement celebrations, and even bridal showers will only benefit from the help of a party bus.

Sporting Events

Why wait until you hit the stadium parking lot to begin the tailgating? Working with a professional transport company means that your crew can begin the home team revelry long before you hit home team turf.


The only thing better than seeing your favorite band? Seeing your favorite band with your favorite people. Group transport allows you to invite as many of your friends as you want and you only have to worry about bringing your tickets.

bus transportation in NapervilleCity Shopping Adventure

Do you love heading into the city for a shopping day, but hate thinking about trying to find a parking space? You’re not alone. Gather up anyone you know in need of some serious retail therapy and let your professional drivers manage all of the parking minutia.

School Functions

Class trips, sporting competitions, and scholastic meets are just some of the many reasons to consider party bus transportation in Naperville. You will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your children will get where they need to be safely.

What is the best part of using group transportation for your function? You can customize the driving experience to complement your event festivities. Serve fun and festive food, create a personalized beverage to serve to guests, or even pipe in function specific music to set a tone that will resonate throughout the event.

Do you want to learn more about group transportation for your next event? Visit Spare Wheels’ website for more information, or contact us today!

3 Student Activities Made Easier With A Party Bus Rental in St. Charles, IL

3 Student Activities Made Easier With A Party Bus Rental in St. Charles, IL

For any parent, coach, or teacher who has organized an event or competition that involves travel, the most difficult and time-consuming piece of the puzzle is getting everyone there. Making sure there are enough adult drivers with vehicles large enough for kids and all their equipment can sometimes feel like an impossible chore. Next time you’re facing this task, consider renting a party bus in St. Charles, IL.

While most of us only think of party bus rentals for weddings and other special occasions, they are useful for so much more. There are so many options when it comes to how many people you can bring and what kind of vehicle you can reserve. The next time you have to plan transportation for an event, consider these three ways renting a party bus can make your life so much easier.

  1. Field Trips

There are so many great options for field trips in and around St. Charles. Whether you’re going to a local museum as a summer camp day trip, or making a trip into Chicago to see a play with your church group, renting a party bus in St. Charles, IL can ensure that everyone, chaperones and kids alike, gets there on time and is able to enjoy the trip almost as much as the destination.

  1. Extracurricular Activities

Even though your child may be in a school-sponsored club or band, the burden of transportation may still fall to the parents and teachers. This can be a logistical nightmare as well as a huge financial burden for many. However, when you rent one vehicle big enough for kids, parents, and all that equipment, everyone can relax and focus on the event. If you think your group is still too big even for the biggest bus, additional trailers may be available to help ensure everyone and everything arrives on time and ready to go!

  1. SportsParty Bus St. Charles, IL sport activities

Many kids are involved in activities like competitive sports that are outside school. This can often require parents to use their own vehicles to get to meets that are across the county, state, or even the country! Save your sanity and your car with a party bus from in St. Charles, IL! Getting a team to travel together can be a great way to keep everyone in the team spirit before an important game.

Companies like Spare Wheels are a great option when you’re looking for a party bus in St. Charles, IL. Family owned and operated for over 25 years, they have a vast selection of vehicles for all your needs. Safety is also very important to them and all drivers are background checked and drug tested before they are allowed behind the wheel. So the next time you’re planning an event for your child’s team or group, contact Spare Wheels to see how they can make it a breeze!

5 Reasons To Choose Party Bus Rental In Aurora, IL

5 Reasons To Choose Party Bus Rental In Aurora, IL

When you’re planning a group event in Aurora, the most frustrating part is organizing how everyone will get to the destination. It can be a hassle to coordinate who is driving, how they’re getting there, and making sure everyone has directions! The next time this happens, consider renting a party bus!

Party bus rental in Aurora, IL is fun no matter what you’re doing! It’s the perfect option for so many different kinds of occasions like weddings, sporting events, church group trips, business events, or even just a night out on the town with friends. If you don’t believe us, here are five of the top reasons a party bus is the best choice you can make.party bus rental aurora il

  1. Reduces Costs

When you have a large group all going to the same event, the charges for tolls, parking, and gas can add up fast. When you rent a party bus, you can reduce your cost for transportation as well as wear and tear on your personal vehicles. Even if you were planning on taking public transportation, think again. When you factor in the cost of bus and train tickets, you are likely to find that party bus rental in Aurora, IL can end up costing less.

  1. Makes Travel A Breeze

Working out the details of a group event is much easier when everyone can meet at a single location. There’s no need to worry if everyone has directions to the event, or that parking will be sufficient once they arrive. The next time your event happens during winter, just think of the convenience that curbside service adds. No more trudging through the snow leaving you cold and wet!

  1. Safety First

Renting a party bus in Aurora, IL for an event like tailgating or a bachelorette/ bachelor party ensures that no matter how much fun everyone has, or how late you’re all out, everyone will all have a safe ride home. Plus, you can rest assured that no one will get lost driving to or from your event.

  1. Good For All Kinds Of Events

There are so many reasons to plan a group function. From weddings to corporate outings to concerts, tailgating, or sporting events, renting a party bus keeps the fun going long after the event itself comes to an end. This is because you can, not only continue the party during the trip there and the trip home, but you can use the bus as a shelter during outdoors events. No more freezing in the rain during your company picnic or your tailgating event. Your rental bus allows you to continue the party, rain or shine.

  1. It’s Way More FUN!!

Let’s face it, party bus rental in Aurora, IL makes getting to your event so much fun! No more getting bored alone in your car, and no more dealing with traffic! There’s no need to worry about making that hour-long drive back from Chicago when you’re tired after a long day of fun. When you rent Spare Wheels Transportation, you can leave that to your driver while you enjoy watching TV and helping yourself to something from the bar! You and your friends can stay comfortable, while you leave the driving to us!

Chartering Bus Transportation In Naperville

Considering Bus Transportation In Naperville? Ask These 5 Questions

Chartering bus transportation in Naperville for your next group outing can make sense for a wide range of reasons. If you’re the appointed party planner in your crew, you will want to ensure that everyone gets where they are supposed to be on time so no one misses a moment of the festivities. A bus streamlines this process by giving everyone enough room to get comfortable and enjoy the ride almost as much as the function itself. Most importantly, unlike public transportation that only has designated stops in various locations, with private bus transportation in Naperville, you and your group will be delivered right to the venue door for the ultimate experience in convenience.

bus transportation in NapervilleAdditionally, bus transportation in Naperville not only sets the tone for the pending event, it also proves a great option for the environment as well. Don’t worry about everyone gassing up individual vehicles and heading out to meet the crew; instead, opt for taking fuel-efficient bus transportation in Naperville to know you are doing your part for the environment.

What is perhaps the best reason to consider chartering private bus transportation in Naperville? Price. Planes, trains and other modes of transportation can quickly prove costly. However, many top quality bus providers will offer luxury bus transport at budget-friendly price points so you and your crew can save your money for the event itself.

What To Ask When Sourcing Bus Transportation In Naperville

When you’re ready to begin screening potential providers of bus transportation in Naperville, you will want to know a few key questions to pinpoint the right vendor for your function. When interviewing prospects, ask questions such as:

Is There A Mile Minimum/Maximum?

Some vendors have a mileage minimum and/or maximum for clients. Finding out about this up front will instantly eliminate various providers that won’t work for you needs.

Are Tolls And Parking Covered By Your Quote?

Always ask up front what fees and costs are covered in the quote and which ones will require you and your group to pitch in as they arise during the festivities.

Can I See The Bus That We Will Use?

Never charter bus transportation in Naperville without actually getting an opportunity to see the bus. A quality vehicle can change the entire vibe of the evening, as can an old, dated vehicle. Check out your options before hand, so you know you will get what you pay for.

Will You Provide Proof Of Insurance?

You should never work with an uninsured driving company. Ask up front to not only see their insurance coverage, but also the licenses of any drivers who will be handling your group throughout the function.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Finally, when planning a group outing, it’s not uncommon for details to change throughout the coordination process. Ask providers up front how they manage changes in logistics and even outright cancellations, so you and your crew can plan accordingly.

If you’re interested in chartering private bus transportation in Naperville, Spare Wheels can help. Contact our team today for a no-risk quote for your group transport needs!

Party Bus Naperville: Get the Most Out of your Party Bus Rental

Party Bus Naperville: 10 Tips to Get the Most Out of your Party Bus Rental

Renting a party bus in Naperville is a popular choice for weddings, bachelor parties, proms, sport outings, concerts, birthdays, and other festive events. Better yet, it’s a way to insure safe and easy transportation for you and your family and friends. Our Naperville party bus rental company, Spare Wheels Transportation, understands that a great event depends on finding the perfect party bus to get you to and from the party, and this begins with the proper planning. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth ride when you select your perfect party bus.

  1. Check out the party bus Naperville company before you order


For the party bus Naperville has available, do your research. So many companies out there claim to have the best prices and service, making it necessary to check reviews and see what the experience really is like. You’ll rest easy before the event knowing you chose a rental service you can trust, and have the most enjoyable time during the event.

  1. Ask about insurance and permits

While most people searching for a party bus in Naperville forget to consider this technical aspect, it is extremely important. Legally, party buses require class B drivers who maintain daily logs, along with regular inspections. Be sure to ask for these items, along with insurance and a license number, which can be found on the front and back bumper of the bus.

  1. Make reservations ahead of time

Think ahead when booking your party bus Naperville rental, because reservations need to be made early on, especially during times of high demand such as wedding season. We recommend reserving at least a month in advance and confirming the reservation a week before your rental date. Also consider the cancellation policy: know what to expect if something unexpected happens and you have to cancel. Most party bus Naperville companies will help you out and let your reschedule or charge a minimal cancellation fee.

  1. Choose your vehicle

When getting a Naperville party bus, the bus is arguably the most important part! Most companies have different vehicle options to choose from. Consider vehicles according to budget, occasion, and group size. With so many options to choose from, you can find the best party bus Naperville offers to fit your needs. Consider the amenities: flat screen TVs, dance poles, disco balls, lighting, and more.

  1. Plan out the details

Companies like to know detail ahead of time to better plan logistics. Plus, it can only make your ride more stress-free when the time comes. Have a good idea of how many people are riding in the bus, how many house you need the service, and how far you are going. Add a little extra to the time and attendees to be safe. Have this planned when you make the reservation, and get a written booking confirmation with the agreed-upon rate, deposit amount, pick-up and drop-of times and locations, and any other relevant details.

  1. Establish the cost

Each company has its own unique pricing structure. Understand the difference between an hourly and flat rate to see which works better for your needs. As the best party bus Naperville has, our company never hits you with any hidden fees after the rental, but some do. See how much companies charge if you go over the agreed time, and other small details.

  1. Select the music

Different party bus Naperville companies have different music options. Since you’ll want background music to get the party started, this is important to consider. While you can usually get radio or satellite radio, you may prefer to bring your own music playlist on an iPod or cd. Plan ahead to ensure good music and fun.


  1. Get the food and refreshments ready

Food and beverages are one of the most fun things to get ready before your event. Some companies offer packages for purchase, and others allow you to bring your own food aboard. Check your company’s policies and offerings, and then get planning!

  1. Plan your routes

Create an itinerary ahead of time, so that your company and driver can plan accordingly. Let them know if you have one direct destination, or stops along the way. This way, you can avoid any confusion and let the driver worry about your destination, while you enjoy your party bus in Naperville.

  1. Don’t forget the tip

It is customary to tip your party bus Naperville driver 18% to 20% of the base price of your bus rental. Some companies add the tip automatically, but others leave the tip up to the customer. If this is the case, be sure to collect a contribution from all of your friends to create a tip fund.

Choose the best party bus rental in Naperville and enjoy your event

Take these tips to find the best party bus Naperville has available. With a little work and effort ahead of time, you can guarantee yourself the best party. Contact Spare Wheels Transportation for your upcoming party bus rental and to get more advice on planning for your rental.

What To Know When Securing A Bus Rental In Chicago For Your Group Event

What To Know When Securing A Bus Rental In Chicago For Your Group EventFinding a quality vendor for a professional bus rental in Chicago can enhance the flow of virtually any group function. At Spare Wheels, we work with clients managing the logistics of a wide range of functions to provide a professional bus rental in Chicago that suits all of their specific transportation needs. Sporting events, after school functions, church groups, and even wedding functions and festivities, Spare Wheels offers customers the right bus rental in Chicago to get everyone in your party to the venue both on time and safely.


Important Considerations When Choosing A Provider For Your Bus Rental In Chicago


When you’re ready to find the right bus rental in Chicago for your next big event, it’s important to know a few helpful tips when screening various vendors. Knowing what to ask and what to expect can ensure that you enjoy a convenient and streamlined process from booking right through to your final drop off on event day. Keep these five key pointers in mind for the best vendor experience:


Start the process stat: Don’t wait to start screening vendors for your bus rental in Chicago; instead, start the process as soon as you know that you’ll need group transportation. There are always busy seasons throughout the year, and securing your transportation quickly will mean that you won’t miss out on a quality vendor.


Customize your experience: At Spare Wheels, we firmly believe that every customer deserves a customized transportation experience. In short, we want to hear all the details! Telling us about the group size, type of function, and overall vibe you’re hoping to achieve can help us put together the right services and amenities for a quality experience from start to finish.


Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all vehicles: Some transportation companies only offer one type of vehicle for clients. At Spare Wheels, we offer a comprehensive range of vehicle options. The result? Our customers never have to pay for more room than they’ll need.


Ask about including food and beverages: Beyond offering optimal transport convenience, a bus rental in Chicago means that you and your guests can enjoy pre-event festivities during the drive in (and out). A quality provider will always work with you to put together a food and beverage selection that will kick things off on a fun and festive note.


Discuss the route: A quality provider will want to discuss your specific route requirements. Understanding all the pick-up and drop-off locations can help them piece together an itinerary that makes the day as convenient and efficient as possible.


Iron out pricing: No one likes to experience sticker shock; when finding a bus rental in Chicago, ask about all pricing and fees upfront. Does your provider offer a flat rate? Or, will you be billed by the hour? Are there other expenditures (such as fuel) that you’ll be expected to cover? Knowing what to expect with costs can help you keep your event budget in check.


Want to learn more about our bus rental offerings and amenities? Visit Spare Wheels online today.