Chicago Bus Rentals: Three Reasons To Use Them That May Surprise You

Limo Bus for Concerts and SportsHave you been tapped to plan an upcoming event or function? If so, you’ve probably already experienced both the fun and the functional elements of this significant responsibility. The fun part? Getting to plan all the exciting activities and adventures that your guests will enjoy. The functional part? Managing what may seem like a million details. Coordinating the minutia that goes into any successful event can quickly start to feel overwhelming, increasing the odds that you’ll forget a key component that may have made the entire planning process easier. What’s one key item that many planners in the area don’t consider (but should)? Chicago bus rentals.


Chicago Bus Rentals: Useful For Far More Than Just Weddings


When party planners initially think about professional bus rentals, they often only think about some of life’s major milestones. Weddings, large church functions and group tours will instantly come to mind when thinking about Chicago bus rentals. However, at Spare Wheels Transportation, as a leading provider of Chicago bus rentals, we know firsthand that any type of group event marks a perfect opportunity to opt for professional transportation from a reputable provider.


Three times you should consider Chicago bus rentals (but probably haven’t) include:


Surprise birthdays/anniversaries: Everyone often assumes that surprise birthdays and anniversary parties have to start at the venue itself. Not true. At Spare Wheels Transportation, we can pick up all of your guests in advance and have them waiting onboard when the guest of honor gets on for a surprise that they’ll never forget. Best of all, everyone can begin the festivities and celebrations during the drive to the venue. Once the function has ended, we will safely transport everyone back home. You’ll never have to worry about securing a designated driver; you simply need to focus on enjoying the party that you’ve planned.


Family reunions: It’s no secret that sometimes the most stressful part of family reunions is figuring out how to navigate through unfamiliar cities. We can help with that. Working with us for Chicago bus rentals means that we can pick up and drop off all of your relatives throughout the entire reunion for optimal convenience during their stay.


Business functions: Many office event planners instantly assume that they must rent individual cars for all of their corporate guests and/or traveling employees. However, this simply isn’t the case. At Spare Wheels Transportation, we often partner with corporate planners. We’ll manage all of your transport needs and help kick off the vibe of your function with customized onboard services such as food, drink and music. Best of all, Spare Wheels Transportation understands how important it is for our clients to stick to their timetable of events. We research any conflicting traffic occurrences in advance to ensure that you arrive at the venue on time. Additionally, should an unforeseen traffic disruption occur, our team of expert drivers has the skill and experience needed to choose alternative routes to minimize your delay.


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