Party Bus Naperville: Get the Most Out of your Party Bus Rental

Party Bus Naperville: 10 Tips to Get the Most Out of your Party Bus Rental

Renting a party bus in Naperville is a popular choice for weddings, bachelor parties, proms, sport outings, concerts, birthdays, and other festive events. Better yet, it’s a way to insure safe and easy transportation for you and your family and friends. Our Naperville party bus rental company, Spare Wheels Transportation, understands that a great event depends on finding the perfect party bus to get you to and from the party, and this begins with the proper planning. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth ride when you select your perfect party bus.

  1. Check out the party bus Naperville company before you order


For the party bus Naperville has available, do your research. So many companies out there claim to have the best prices and service, making it necessary to check reviews and see what the experience really is like. You’ll rest easy before the event knowing you chose a rental service you can trust, and have the most enjoyable time during the event.

  1. Ask about insurance and permits

While most people searching for a party bus in Naperville forget to consider this technical aspect, it is extremely important. Legally, party buses require class B drivers who maintain daily logs, along with regular inspections. Be sure to ask for these items, along with insurance and a license number, which can be found on the front and back bumper of the bus.

  1. Make reservations ahead of time

Think ahead when booking your party bus Naperville rental, because reservations need to be made early on, especially during times of high demand such as wedding season. We recommend reserving at least a month in advance and confirming the reservation a week before your rental date. Also consider the cancellation policy: know what to expect if something unexpected happens and you have to cancel. Most party bus Naperville companies will help you out and let your reschedule or charge a minimal cancellation fee.

  1. Choose your vehicle

When getting a Naperville party bus, the bus is arguably the most important part! Most companies have different vehicle options to choose from. Consider vehicles according to budget, occasion, and group size. With so many options to choose from, you can find the best party bus Naperville offers to fit your needs. Consider the amenities: flat screen TVs, dance poles, disco balls, lighting, and more.

  1. Plan out the details

Companies like to know detail ahead of time to better plan logistics. Plus, it can only make your ride more stress-free when the time comes. Have a good idea of how many people are riding in the bus, how many house you need the service, and how far you are going. Add a little extra to the time and attendees to be safe. Have this planned when you make the reservation, and get a written booking confirmation with the agreed-upon rate, deposit amount, pick-up and drop-of times and locations, and any other relevant details.

  1. Establish the cost

Each company has its own unique pricing structure. Understand the difference between an hourly and flat rate to see which works better for your needs. As the best party bus Naperville has, our company never hits you with any hidden fees after the rental, but some do. See how much companies charge if you go over the agreed time, and other small details.

  1. Select the music

Different party bus Naperville companies have different music options. Since you’ll want background music to get the party started, this is important to consider. While you can usually get radio or satellite radio, you may prefer to bring your own music playlist on an iPod or cd. Plan ahead to ensure good music and fun.


  1. Get the food and refreshments ready

Food and beverages are one of the most fun things to get ready before your event. Some companies offer packages for purchase, and others allow you to bring your own food aboard. Check your company’s policies and offerings, and then get planning!

  1. Plan your routes

Create an itinerary ahead of time, so that your company and driver can plan accordingly. Let them know if you have one direct destination, or stops along the way. This way, you can avoid any confusion and let the driver worry about your destination, while you enjoy your party bus in Naperville.

  1. Don’t forget the tip

It is customary to tip your party bus Naperville driver 18% to 20% of the base price of your bus rental. Some companies add the tip automatically, but others leave the tip up to the customer. If this is the case, be sure to collect a contribution from all of your friends to create a tip fund.

Choose the best party bus rental in Naperville and enjoy your event

Take these tips to find the best party bus Naperville has available. With a little work and effort ahead of time, you can guarantee yourself the best party. Contact Spare Wheels Transportation for your upcoming party bus rental and to get more advice on planning for your rental.

Three Reasons To Use Spare Wheels For Your Wedding Transportation In Naperville

If you have begun planning your wedding, you already know firsthand that getting ready to say, “I do” requires a lot of careful coordination. You have to find the reception venue and the ceremony site, order the invitations, hire a photographer, buy the dress and so much more. While there is much to consider, it’s important to focus on finding one important vendor before moving on to everything else: your wedding transportation in Naperville. Why is your limousine service so important? Without quality wedding transportation, you and those closest to you will never make it to all of the places they need to be on your special day.


Spare Wheels Stands Out From Other Limo Service Providers


When looking through the list of providers that offer wedding transportation in Naperville, you will quickly realize that you do have options. However, when booking your date, it’s important to know that not all limo service vendors are the same. Here at Spare Wheels, we pride ourselves on offering distinctive service options that separate us from the competition.


Why Should You Choose Us For Your Wedding Transportation In Naperville? At Spare Wheels, We Offer:


An Extensive Vehicle Fleet

Some providers are limited to how many passengers they can transport based on the size of their vehicle(s). Not Spare Wheels. We offer an extensive vehicle fleet that offers cars, limos and buses of virtually every size. From a 35-person luxury bus to limo service for a small and intimate group, Spare Wheels can help ensure everyone in your party has a reserved seat. Best of all, our vehicles offer specialty features such as built-in bars, restrooms, and even a 42″ plasma screen television so our passengers feel luxuriously pampered as soon as they step inside.

wedding transportation Naperville

Customized Transportation Services

Of course, simply offering spacious luxury buses and limos is not enough; here at Spare Wheels we also make customer service excellence our top priority. How? By offering customized transportation services on every excursion. We work closely with the bride and groom to make their transportation experience even more special. From snacks and beverages, to piping in specific music selections, we can help get you and your guests get ready for the season’s biggest event: your wedding.


A Professional Driving Staff

At Spare Wheels, we firmly believe that our drivers represent us on every outing; that is why we only hire the very best professional drivers possible. Our staff is licensed, trained, and experienced in driving our vehicles. Most importantly, as a leading provider of wedding transportation in Naperville, our drivers at Spare Wheels know how to help you manage anything unexpected that may arise during the day. From finding an alternate route to avoid traffic, to making a last minute trip to the convenience store for an overlooked necessity, our drivers will get everyone what they need and where they need to be.


If you’re planning your big day, let Spare Wheels manage your wedding transportation in Naperville Visit Spare Wheels’ website for more information, or contact us today!


How To Plan The Perfect Tailgate Party With Bus Rentals In Naperville

naperville-bus-rentalNo one can resist a good tailgate pre-party! Nothing sets the tone better for a sporting event than hanging out with friends, drinking, eating, and having fun. Although the tailgating is technically the precursor for a larger event, it is often the one part of the day that people look forward to the most. It is a time to relax and be with friends before having to stress over the scoreboard. However, for something that brings so much fun, it can often be stressful to plan. Because the pre-party sets the tone for the rest of the day, there can often be a lot of pressure involved in planning the perfect tailgate party. The good news is that we are here to help with a few tips on how to plan the perfect tailgate with bus rentals in Naperville.

At Spare Wheels Transportation, we understand that having the right vehicle is the ultimate key to pre-show activities. We also know that parking can be a headache to figure out when you have so many friends and limited seats. Instead of tailgating in multiple vehicles, rent a party bus from us and accommodate up to 18 passengers! Our various buses boast comfortable seating, plenty of cargo space, built-in bars, flat screen TV’s, and more to make our guests as comfortable as possible. That way, you can get the party started before you even arrive at your destination!

Another way Spare Wheels Transportation can help you throw the perfect party, is by helping you prepare for the unexpected. Event planners will help you work out all of the details for your bus rentals in Naperville from the time of pick-up and arrival, to the snacks and drinks you would like in the bus. With a party bus you don’t have to worry about your buddy inviting someone without telling you, because you will have room to spare. You also have a built-in back up plan in case the event gets rained out, or your guests get overheated. They can escape unpleasant elements by relaxing inside the cabin.

Booking bus rentals in Naperville through Spare Wheels Transportation also ensures that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises on our end either, such as additional fees or hidden costs, poorly maintained buses or bad service. We pride ourselves on having a modern, well-maintained fleet of buses, as well as highly trained and professional drivers. We also have very competitive rates and will customize a quote for you in a timely manner to accommodate all of the aspects you want for your party. We stick to our quotes and are passionate about maintaining fairness and accuracy. We try to make booking bus rentals in Naperville as easy and affordable as possible. Therefore, you can plan your event budget and all of the details ahead of time, allowing you to relax and have fun at your own tailgate.

We, at Spare Wheels Transportation are currently running a special on party bus rentals in Naperville; so don’t hesitate to contact us today. Find out how we can help you with your tailgating plans!

Tailgate With Style On A Spare Wheels’ Party Bus Rental In Naperville

party bus rental NapervilleAt Spare Wheels Transportation, we know that tailgating is truly an event in itself. Sure, it’s a precursor to some type of spectator event, like sports, concerts, arena functions, etc. However, when carefully executed, tailgating can enhance the overall festivities and make an already fun event more memorable, more enjoyable, and more exciting.


The first key to getting the pre-party started with any tailgating venture is choosing a party bus rental in Naperville. At Spare Wheels, we have seen far too many tailgate enthusiasts become disappointed. This is because they didn’t plan ahead and rent a vehicle large enough for everyone in their crew to travel comfortably. Choosing a party bus rental in Naperville can eliminate this concern. Work with our team of professional drivers and staff and we will help you find the perfect party bus in Naperville. Your party bus rental will not only manage all of your traveling needs, but also ensure that you and your crew tailgate with style.


Other Things To Consider For A Successful Tailgating Event


Once your party bus rental in Naperville has been secured, it’s officially time to start coordinating some of the many logistics that go into a successful tailgating event. Spare Wheels Transportation can help. Getting to the venue parking lot on time is one key component that we’ve got covered for you. Most tailgaters want to carve out at least 2 hours pre-show to hang out and tailgate. Our professional team can coordinate pickup places and times to ensure you get to the venue with plenty of time to enjoy yourself.


Another key logistic to think about when planning the perfect tailgate function is food! The food plays a major role in the type of day you all will have. You and your crew will want to dream up the right menu to enhance the festivities of your evening. Of course, when working with Spare Wheels, you don’t have to wait until you arrive at the venue for a little nosh; we can have some pre-pre-show snacks and beverages ready and waiting for you and your crew as soon as you climb on board.


Knowing what the weather will bring the day of your event is also an important detail to consider when planning your tailgating party. Dressing in layers means that you can add and remove as needed until you find the perfect combination that keeps you comfortable. Naperville gets cold in the winter and quite warm in the summer, so you need to prepare accordingly! Hats, mittens and scarves can be carried onto your party bus rental during the colder months. Likewise, sunglasses, sunscreen and wide brimmed hats can be taken aboard for warmer seasonal outings.


Also, it’s no secret that our local weather forecasters aren’t always 100% right at all times. You will also want to plan for the unexpected weather circumstance. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to plan for everything that might happen outside, it’s okay.  Your party bus rental will act as the perfect shelter for everyone in your party to come inside and get comfortable before heading out again.


Ready to plan your perfect tailgating event? Spare Wheels Transportation can help. Visit our site or contact our team today for more information.



Planning For The Prom? You Will Want To Rent A Party Bus In St. Charles

party bus St. CharlesHere at Spare Wheels Transportation, we know that it’s finally starting to feel like spring! As a leading provider of transportation for special school events, we know that with the spring sunshine also comes a major milestone for our local high school students: the prom. We also know that there are many details to arrange to guarantee that everyone has a great time. Who to bring, what to wear, and where to go after the dance has ended are just some of the many factors that you need to consider for a fun and memorable night. You also need to think about your transportation, so everyone stays safe driving to and from the festivities. Hiring a party bus in St. Charles to manage all of the group’s transport needs may be your best option.


Key Advantages To Renting A Party Bus In St. Charles


If you are planning out the details for an upcoming prom, renting a party bus in St. Charles can deliver an unparalleled range of features and benefits. It’s no secret that high school functions mean a multitude of young and inexperienced drivers transporting everyone to the venue and home. Renting a party bus in St. Charles instantly eliminates the worry of having young drivers on the road late at night. Your group will have a skilled and experienced driver who will make sure everyone gets to the venue safely and on time. Once the dance has ended, our driver will also meet the group at the designated pickup spot. From there the driver can bring the group home or transport them to any after-prom festivities before bringing them back home for the evening.


Beyond safety, renting a party bus also means adding another layer of fun to the celebration. Prom night is a special time for any high school student. At Spare Wheels Transportation, we offer an extensive range of luxury vehicles that can instantly kick off the festivities and make the evening even more memorable. We proudly offer a comprehensive selection of amenities, so you can truly personalize the entire transportation experience. Snacks, beverages, music and more can all be incorporated into the drive to kick off the event as soon as we leave the driveway.


It’s Never Too Early To Plan Your Party Bus In St. Charles


Once you’ve decided that a party bus in St. Charles makes sense for your prom, it’s important to secure your rental as soon as possible. Proms aren’t the only milestone events that roll in with the spring weather; the season is also a popular choice for weddings, as well. Contacting Spare Wheels Transportation as soon as possible will help ensure that you don’t miss out on finding the right luxury vehicle for your group’s specific needs.


Learn more about how Spare Wheels Transportation can manage all of your transportation needs on prom night. Contact us today!


Five Things To Consider For Seamless Naperville Wedding Transportation

Five Things To Consider For Seamless Naperville Wedding TransportationGetting ready for your wedding day means many things. It means celebrating your unique love, getting together with friends and family, and, most importantly, lots of planning. While couples don’t have to have an ironclad focus on every single detail that will occur throughout the day, there are still countless factors that will warrant attention to ensure the entire day goes off without a hitch.


At Spare Wheels Transportation, we know that once most couples know where and when they will get married, the next major consideration is how they will get everyone there. That’s when they will need to turn to Naperville wedding transportation to help with their transportation needs.


Include Both The Fun And The Functional With Your Naperville Wedding Transportation


While there are many functional logistics to consider when planning your Naperville wedding transportation, there are also some fun details to think about, which make the entire experience unique and special. When working with a professional provider, knowing a few key tips can help make the planning experience both seamless and convenient.


Tip # 1: Have A Budget

If you’ve already started planning your wedding, you already know how important it is to stay within a budget. Your Naperville wedding transportation is no exception; not only should you know how much you have to spend, you should also work with providers that will give you a total cost estimate in advance, so you can manage your expectations and your checkbook.


Tip #2: Know Your Timeline

No, you will not be expected to know how every single second of the day will go down. However, knowing a general outline of the big events that will happen during your day can help you successfully outline your specific wedding transportation needs. At Spare Wheels Transportation, we always coordinate with our couple not only to outline the day, but also to create a buffer for any last minute occurrences that may come up.


Tip #3: Consider “The Who”

Yes, many couples will hire transportation for their attendants, parents and grandparents. However, if you find a quality provider who offers reasonable prices and large enough vehicles, the sky is truly the limit on who you’re able to transport throughout your day. Talk with your vendor to discuss options for out of town guests or anyone else who you think may enjoy being chauffeured.


Tip #4: Personalize The Journey

If you thought you couldn’t customize the transportation experience for your guests, think again. At Spare Wheels transportation, we offer a comprehensive range of services and options that you can enjoy during the trip. Playing special songs, serving champagne and offering snacks are just some of the many ways that we can help personalize the trip for your guests.


Tip #5: Get A Contract

Finally, once you have ironed out all of your specific transportation needs; ask your provider to put it in writing. Having a contract that outlines all of the details is the only way to guarantee that both parties understand every detail. A contract guarantees peace of mind and ensures that you will get every service you deserve on your big day.

Want to learn more about our comprehensive services for Naperville wedding transportation? Contact Spare Wheels today.


Chicago Bus Rentals: Three Reasons To Use Them That May Surprise You

Limo Bus for Concerts and SportsHave you been tapped to plan an upcoming event or function? If so, you’ve probably already experienced both the fun and the functional elements of this significant responsibility. The fun part? Getting to plan all the exciting activities and adventures that your guests will enjoy. The functional part? Managing what may seem like a million details. Coordinating the minutia that goes into any successful event can quickly start to feel overwhelming, increasing the odds that you’ll forget a key component that may have made the entire planning process easier. What’s one key item that many planners in the area don’t consider (but should)? Chicago bus rentals.


Chicago Bus Rentals: Useful For Far More Than Just Weddings


When party planners initially think about professional bus rentals, they often only think about some of life’s major milestones. Weddings, large church functions and group tours will instantly come to mind when thinking about Chicago bus rentals. However, at Spare Wheels Transportation, as a leading provider of Chicago bus rentals, we know firsthand that any type of group event marks a perfect opportunity to opt for professional transportation from a reputable provider.


Three times you should consider Chicago bus rentals (but probably haven’t) include:


Surprise birthdays/anniversaries: Everyone often assumes that surprise birthdays and anniversary parties have to start at the venue itself. Not true. At Spare Wheels Transportation, we can pick up all of your guests in advance and have them waiting onboard when the guest of honor gets on for a surprise that they’ll never forget. Best of all, everyone can begin the festivities and celebrations during the drive to the venue. Once the function has ended, we will safely transport everyone back home. You’ll never have to worry about securing a designated driver; you simply need to focus on enjoying the party that you’ve planned.


Family reunions: It’s no secret that sometimes the most stressful part of family reunions is figuring out how to navigate through unfamiliar cities. We can help with that. Working with us for Chicago bus rentals means that we can pick up and drop off all of your relatives throughout the entire reunion for optimal convenience during their stay.


Business functions: Many office event planners instantly assume that they must rent individual cars for all of their corporate guests and/or traveling employees. However, this simply isn’t the case. At Spare Wheels Transportation, we often partner with corporate planners. We’ll manage all of your transport needs and help kick off the vibe of your function with customized onboard services such as food, drink and music. Best of all, Spare Wheels Transportation understands how important it is for our clients to stick to their timetable of events. We research any conflicting traffic occurrences in advance to ensure that you arrive at the venue on time. Additionally, should an unforeseen traffic disruption occur, our team of expert drivers has the skill and experience needed to choose alternative routes to minimize your delay.


Want to hear more about the services and amenities offered by our Chicago bus rentals? Contact Spare Wheels Transportation today!

What To Know When Securing A Bus Rental In Chicago For Your Group Event

What To Know When Securing A Bus Rental In Chicago For Your Group EventFinding a quality vendor for a professional bus rental in Chicago can enhance the flow of virtually any group function. At Spare Wheels, we work with clients managing the logistics of a wide range of functions to provide a professional bus rental in Chicago that suits all of their specific transportation needs. Sporting events, after school functions, church groups, and even wedding functions and festivities, Spare Wheels offers customers the right bus rental in Chicago to get everyone in your party to the venue both on time and safely.


Important Considerations When Choosing A Provider For Your Bus Rental In Chicago


When you’re ready to find the right bus rental in Chicago for your next big event, it’s important to know a few helpful tips when screening various vendors. Knowing what to ask and what to expect can ensure that you enjoy a convenient and streamlined process from booking right through to your final drop off on event day. Keep these five key pointers in mind for the best vendor experience:


Start the process stat: Don’t wait to start screening vendors for your bus rental in Chicago; instead, start the process as soon as you know that you’ll need group transportation. There are always busy seasons throughout the year, and securing your transportation quickly will mean that you won’t miss out on a quality vendor.


Customize your experience: At Spare Wheels, we firmly believe that every customer deserves a customized transportation experience. In short, we want to hear all the details! Telling us about the group health pharmacy no prescription size, type of function, and overall vibe you’re hoping to achieve can help us put together the right services and amenities for a quality experience from start to finish.


Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all vehicles: Some transportation companies only offer one type of vehicle for clients. At Spare Wheels, we offer a comprehensive range of vehicle options. The result? Our customers never have to pay for more room than they’ll need.


Ask about including food and beverages: Beyond offering optimal transport convenience, a bus rental in Chicago means that you and your guests can enjoy pre-event festivities during the drive in (and out). A quality provider will always work with you to put together a food and beverage selection that will kick things off on a fun and festive note.


Discuss the route: A quality provider will want to discuss your specific route requirements. Understanding all the pick-up and drop-off locations can help them piece together an itinerary that makes the day as convenient and efficient as possible.


Iron out pricing: No one likes to experience sticker shock; when finding a bus rental in Chicago, ask about all pricing and fees upfront. Does your provider offer a flat rate? Or, will you be billed by the hour? Are there other expenditures (such as fuel) that you’ll be expected to cover? Knowing what to expect with costs can help you keep your event budget in check.


Want to learn more about our bus rental offerings and amenities? Visit Spare Wheels online today.

Using A Party Bus Rental In Chicago As Part Of Your Game Day Festivities

party bus rental chicagoHere at Spare Wheels, we know firsthand that living in the Chicago region means embracing our many sports teams as part of our everyday culture. We also know that for Chicago fans, game day isn’t just a spectator sport. Chicago sports fans truly know how to make an entire day out of game day. From pre-game tailgating festivities to celebrating a win after the final buzzer, Chicago sports fans are the best at creating sports day memories.


Spare Wheels: The Perfect Choice For Party Bus Rental In Chicago


Have you been appointed the “planner” for the next time your favorite team plays in town? If so, you have probably already realized that there is one major detail that can make or break your plans: transportation. No matter what the size of your group, successfully getting them all to the arena can prove a significant challenge, even for the most motivated event coordinator. Before you give up on the idea of getting your entire crew to game day, contact the team at Spare Wheels. We can deliver a party bus rental in Chicago that proves an ideal solution for the big game.


What You’ll Enjoy With Party Bus Rental In Chicago From Spare Wheels


Not sure if choosing a party bus rental in Chicago makes sense for your next gaming gathering? You may change your mind once you hear about the many benefits you’ll enjoy when working with Spare Wheels. Our team delivers a unique range of service differentiators that will put a distinctive mark on your next game day, no matter what the final score.


Choosing a party bus rental in Chicago from Spare Wheels means that you’ll enjoy unparalleled convenience throughout the day. When working with us, you’ll never have to worry about coordinating the many logistics needed when managing personal transportation. We take care of everything for you; our party bus rental in Chicago will arrive at various pickup locations for ultimate convenience and to ensure that you get to the event on time.


Planning individual rides means that you all have to wait until everyone arrives at the venue to start the fun. Not so when opting for one of our vehicles. Instead, the festivities can begin as soon as everyone climbs on board. You can all ride in together to socialize and enjoy some pre-game fun during the shared commute. Best of all, working with us means that you can kick off the fun surrounded by ample creature comforts and conveniences. Luxurious seating, food, beverages and even on-vehicle restrooms are some of the many amenities offered on our vehicles to make your experience a memorable ride.


Most importantly, when working with Spare Wheels, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are working with a team of professional, licensed and experienced drivers capable of managing anything that the day brings. From traffic to post-game celebrations, a party bus rental in Chicago from Spare Wheels means that you don’t have to worry about a thing except for the final score.


Want to learn more about our service offerings? Visit Spare Wheels’ website today.

Why Spare Wheels Is The Only Choice For Corporate Transportation In Chicago

Corporate Transportation ChicagoOwning and operating a business of any kind in the Chicago region often means having one primary goal: building a customer base. No matter what your corporate industry, how many years you’ve been in business, or the total number of employees that you have, continuously expanding your brand’s reach and broadening your client network will always rank at the top of your priority list.


Spare Wheels: Expertise On Corporate Transportation In Chicago


At Spare Wheels Transportation, we understand that for many Chicago business owners, a growing client base brings with it a wide range of distinctive needs and requirements. As many of our partners gain further brand recognition, they find that have to start coordinating long-distance travel logistics for clients and guests. While some may want to manage the smaller details internally, they quickly realize that there is one key area where Spare Wheel can lend invaluable insight and expertise: managing their specific needs for corporate transportation in Chicago.


How Our Services For Corporate Transportation In Chicago Stand Out From The Competition


When sourcing a provider to manage your needs for corporate transportation in Chicago, the team at Spare Wheels recognizes that you do have a choice on which vendor to entrust with your business. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of customer service differentiators so you can quickly recognize why we are the only choice for corporate transportation in Chicago and throughout the region.


Partnering with Spare Wheels for your corporate transportation needs means that you’ll never again have to worry about using a subpar vehicle to transport visitors and guests. We have an entire fleet of luxury vehicles at the ready to service your every driving need. Our limousines and corporate options offer a wide range of amenities to guarantee your guests’ ultimate comfort. Flat screen TVs, restrooms, and refreshments are just some of the ways we make your visitors feel valued and relaxed. We can even stock the vehicle with various gifts and items from your company to help personalize the entire driving experience.


Additionally, at Spare Wheels we pride ourselves on offering the very best drivers in the industry. Their extensive driving experience allows them to provide the very best professional services possible, no matter what unexpected circumstance may arise. From major traffic buildups to flight delays and everything in between, our licensed and highly-skilled driving staff has the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and get your clients where they need to be.


Best of all, working with Spare Wheels means you’ll have access to so much more than just a superlative team of professional drivers. As an established Chicago vendor, we maintain a firm focus on the many activities, events and community offerings available throughout the year in our district. We can partner with you to help identify fun items to add to your guests’ itineraries to help them enjoy a visit to your organization that proves both productive and memorable.


For more information on our extensive services for corporate transportation in Chicago, contact Spare Wheels today!