How To Plan The Perfect Tailgate Party With Bus Rentals In Naperville

naperville-bus-rentalNo one can resist a good tailgate pre-party! Nothing sets the tone better for a sporting event than hanging out with friends, drinking, eating, and having fun. Although the tailgating is technically the precursor for a larger event, it is often the one part of the day that people look forward to the most. It is a time to relax and be with friends before having to stress over the scoreboard. However, for something that brings so much fun, it can often be stressful to plan. Because the pre-party sets the tone for the rest of the day, there can often be a lot of pressure involved in planning the perfect tailgate party. The good news is that we are here to help with a few tips on how to plan the perfect tailgate with bus rentals in Naperville.

At Spare Wheels Transportation, we understand that having the right vehicle is the ultimate key to pre-show activities. We also know that parking can be a headache to figure out when you have so many friends and limited seats. Instead of tailgating in multiple vehicles, rent a party bus from us and accommodate up to 18 passengers! Our various buses boast comfortable seating, plenty of cargo space, built-in bars, flat screen TV’s, and more to make our guests as comfortable as possible. That way, you can get the party started before you even arrive at your destination!

Another way Spare Wheels Transportation can help you throw the perfect party, is by helping you prepare for the unexpected. Event planners will help you work out all of the details for your bus rentals in Naperville from the time of pick-up and arrival, to the snacks and drinks you would like in the bus. With a party bus you don’t have to worry about your buddy inviting someone without telling you, because you will have room to spare. You also have a built-in back up plan in case the event gets rained out, or your guests get overheated. They can escape unpleasant elements by relaxing inside the cabin.

Booking bus rentals in Naperville through Spare Wheels Transportation also ensures that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises on our end either, such as additional fees or hidden costs, poorly maintained buses or bad service. We pride ourselves on having a modern, well-maintained fleet of buses, as well as highly trained and professional drivers. We also have very competitive rates and will customize a quote for you in a timely manner to accommodate all of the aspects you want for your party. We stick to our quotes and are passionate about maintaining fairness and accuracy. We try to make booking bus rentals in Naperville as easy and affordable as possible. Therefore, you can plan your event budget and all of the details ahead of time, allowing you to relax and have fun at your own tailgate.

We, at Spare Wheels Transportation are currently running a special on party bus rentals in Naperville; so don’t hesitate to contact us today. Find out how we can help you with your tailgating plans!