What To Know When Securing A Bus Rental In Chicago For Your Group Event

What To Know When Securing A Bus Rental In Chicago For Your Group EventFinding a quality vendor for a professional bus rental in Chicago can enhance the flow of virtually any group function. At Spare Wheels, we work with clients managing the logistics of a wide range of functions to provide a professional bus rental in Chicago that suits all of their specific transportation needs. Sporting events, after school functions, church groups, and even wedding functions and festivities, Spare Wheels offers customers the right bus rental in Chicago to get everyone in your party to the venue both on time and safely.


Important Considerations When Choosing A Provider For Your Bus Rental In Chicago


When you’re ready to find the right bus rental in Chicago for your next big event, it’s important to know a few helpful tips when screening various vendors. Knowing what to ask and what to expect can ensure that you enjoy a convenient and streamlined process from booking right through to your final drop off on event day. Keep these five key pointers in mind for the best vendor experience:


Start the process stat: Don’t wait to start screening vendors for your bus rental in Chicago; instead, start the process as soon as you know that you’ll need group transportation. There are always busy seasons throughout the year, and securing your transportation quickly will mean that you won’t miss out on a quality vendor.


Customize your experience: At Spare Wheels, we firmly believe that every customer deserves a customized transportation experience. In short, we want to hear all the details! Telling us about the group health pharmacy no prescription size, type of function, and overall vibe you’re hoping to achieve can help us put together the right services and amenities for a quality experience from start to finish.


Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all vehicles: Some transportation companies only offer one type of vehicle for clients. At Spare Wheels, we offer a comprehensive range of vehicle options. The result? Our customers never have to pay for more room than they’ll need.


Ask about including food and beverages: Beyond offering optimal transport convenience, a bus rental in Chicago means that you and your guests can enjoy pre-event festivities during the drive in (and out). A quality provider will always work with you to put together a food and beverage selection that will kick things off on a fun and festive note.


Discuss the route: A quality provider will want to discuss your specific route requirements. Understanding all the pick-up and drop-off locations can help them piece together an itinerary that makes the day as convenient and efficient as possible.


Iron out pricing: No one likes to experience sticker shock; when finding a bus rental in Chicago, ask about all pricing and fees upfront. Does your provider offer a flat rate? Or, will you be billed by the hour? Are there other expenditures (such as fuel) that you’ll be expected to cover? Knowing what to expect with costs can help you keep your event budget in check.


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Using A Party Bus Rental In Chicago As Part Of Your Game Day Festivities

party bus rental chicagoHere at Spare Wheels, we know firsthand that living in the Chicago region means embracing our many sports teams as part of our everyday culture. We also know that for Chicago fans, game day isn’t just a spectator sport. Chicago sports fans truly know how to make an entire day out of game day. From pre-game tailgating festivities to celebrating a win after the final buzzer, Chicago sports fans are the best at creating sports day memories.


Spare Wheels: The Perfect Choice For Party Bus Rental In Chicago


Have you been appointed the “planner” for the next time your favorite team plays in town? If so, you have probably already realized that there is one major detail that can make or break your plans: transportation. No matter what the size of your group, successfully getting them all to the arena can prove a significant challenge, even for the most motivated event coordinator. Before you give up on the idea of getting your entire crew to game day, contact the team at Spare Wheels. We can deliver a party bus rental in Chicago that proves an ideal solution for the big game.


What You’ll Enjoy With Party Bus Rental In Chicago From Spare Wheels


Not sure if choosing a party bus rental in Chicago makes sense for your next gaming gathering? You may change your mind once you hear about the many benefits you’ll enjoy when working with Spare Wheels. Our team delivers a unique range of service differentiators that will put a distinctive mark on your next game day, no matter what the final score.


Choosing a party bus rental in Chicago from Spare Wheels means that you’ll enjoy unparalleled convenience throughout the day. When working with us, you’ll never have to worry about coordinating the many logistics needed when managing personal transportation. We take care of everything for you; our party bus rental in Chicago will arrive at various pickup locations for ultimate convenience and to ensure that you get to the event on time.


Planning individual rides means that you all have to wait until everyone arrives at the venue to start the fun. Not so when opting for one of our vehicles. Instead, the festivities can begin as soon as everyone climbs on board. You can all ride in together to socialize and enjoy some pre-game fun during the shared commute. Best of all, working with us means that you can kick off the fun surrounded by ample creature comforts and conveniences. Luxurious seating, food, beverages and even on-vehicle restrooms are some of the many amenities offered on our vehicles to make your experience a memorable ride.


Most importantly, when working with Spare Wheels, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are working with a team of professional, licensed and experienced drivers capable of managing anything that the day brings. From traffic to post-game celebrations, a party bus rental in Chicago from Spare Wheels means that you don’t have to worry about a thing except for the final score.


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