Tips For Renting A Bus For Weddings

5 Tips For Renting A Bus For Weddings

renting a bus for weddingsAs any couple knows, there is no shortage of details that go into planning a wedding. While the date and venue, followed closely by the dress and cake, are at the top of your priority list, basic logistics like transportation require careful advanced planning as well.

Whether you have a lot of guests visiting from out of town, or you just want your wedding party to ride in style, renting a bus for weddings is a trendy, economical way to arrive safely and on time.

Tip #1 – Book In Advance

Especially if you’re planning a Spring wedding, which is also prom and graduation season, you’ll want to start looking into renting a wedding bus at least six months in advance. If you wait until the last minute, you might be dissatisfied with the selection available for your dates.

Tip #2 – Book In Person

It’s one thing to view pictures on a company’s website, but going the extra mile to visit the rental place in-person will ensure you and your guests aren’t caught off guard being picked up by a less-than-desirable vehicle. Start your research online and call several businesses for a quote, but always make the final booking in-person for best results.

Tip #3 – Book Based On Your Needs

Do you need to economically transport 30 guests to and from a nearby hotel? Or do you want a lux ride, complete with champagne and music for you and your grooms or bridal party to arrive to the wedding in style? A reputable party bus rental business will have a variety of vans and busses in their fleet to choose from, and will help you choose the best vehicle for your unique needs and budget.

Tip #4 – Book Based On Your Budget

It’s important to realize that some wedding bus rental companies charge by the hour, whereas others charge a flat rate based on an agreed-upon itinerary. You will want to identify all travel, including stops, number of passengers, time between the ceremony and reception, traffic, local events, and many other potential contingencies before deciding what makes the most sense for your budget. Renting a bus for weddings has a lot of moving parts, but a good rental company will ask the right questions in order to get a complete picture of your needs and provide an accurate quote so you’re not surprised by the final bill.

Tip #5 – Book Based On Your Preferences

Do you want to decorate the bus for your arrival and send off? Do you have a specific preference for how the driver is dressed, the music, lighting and refreshments served? Be sure to ask whether the wedding bus rental company is able to accommodate your requests. Don’t hesitate to be specific upfront to ensure you’re not frustrated last minute by rules you weren’t aware of.

Book With Spare Wheels Transportation, The Leader In Party & Wedding Bus Rentals

If you’re planning a wedding in St. Charles or the surrounding areas, Spare Wheels Transportation makes renting a bus for weddings easy! For quality service and top-of-the-line party busses and vans to meet your needs and budget, call (630) 377-4637 or contact us at for a free quote.

Tailgate With Style On A Spare Wheels’ Party Bus Rental In Naperville

party bus rental NapervilleAt Spare Wheels Transportation, we know that tailgating is truly an event in itself. Sure, it’s a precursor to some type of spectator event, like sports, concerts, arena functions, etc. However, when carefully executed, tailgating can enhance the overall festivities and make an already fun event more memorable, more enjoyable, and more exciting.


The first key to getting the pre-party started with any tailgating venture is choosing a party bus rental in Naperville. At Spare Wheels, we have seen far too many tailgate enthusiasts become disappointed. This is because they didn’t plan ahead and rent a vehicle large enough for everyone in their crew to travel comfortably. Choosing a party bus rental in Naperville can eliminate this concern. Work with our team of professional drivers and staff and we will help you find the perfect party bus in Naperville. Your party bus rental will not only manage all of your traveling needs, but also ensure that you and your crew tailgate with style.


Other Things To Consider For A Successful Tailgating Event


Once your party bus rental in Naperville has been secured, it’s officially time to start coordinating some of the many logistics that go into a successful tailgating event. Spare Wheels Transportation can help. Getting to the venue parking lot on time is one key component that we’ve got covered for you. Most tailgaters want to carve out at least 2 hours pre-show to hang out and tailgate. Our professional team can coordinate pickup places and times to ensure you get to the venue with plenty of time to enjoy yourself.


Another key logistic to think about when planning the perfect tailgate function is food! The food plays a major role in the type of day you all will have. You and your crew will want to dream up the right menu to enhance the festivities of your evening. Of course, when working with Spare Wheels, you don’t have to wait until you arrive at the venue for a little nosh; we can have some pre-pre-show snacks and beverages ready and waiting for you and your crew as soon as you climb on board.


Knowing what the weather will bring the day of your event is also an important detail to consider when planning your tailgating party. Dressing in layers means that you can add and remove as needed until you find the perfect combination that keeps you comfortable. Naperville gets cold in the winter and quite warm in the summer, so you need to prepare accordingly! Hats, mittens and scarves can be carried onto your party bus rental during the colder months. Likewise, sunglasses, sunscreen and wide brimmed hats can be taken aboard for warmer seasonal outings.


Also, it’s no secret that our local weather forecasters aren’t always 100% right at all times. You will also want to plan for the unexpected weather circumstance. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to plan for everything that might happen outside, it’s okay.  Your party bus rental will act as the perfect shelter for everyone in your party to come inside and get comfortable before heading out again.


Ready to plan your perfect tailgating event? Spare Wheels Transportation can help. Visit our site or contact our team today for more information.



Planning For The Prom? You Will Want To Rent A Party Bus In St. Charles

party bus St. CharlesHere at Spare Wheels Transportation, we know that it’s finally starting to feel like spring! As a leading provider of transportation for special school events, we know that with the spring sunshine also comes a major milestone for our local high school students: the prom. We also know that there are many details to arrange to guarantee that everyone has a great time. Who to bring, what to wear, and where to go after the dance has ended are just some of the many factors that you need to consider for a fun and memorable night. You also need to think about your transportation, so everyone stays safe driving to and from the festivities. Hiring a party bus in St. Charles to manage all of the group’s transport needs may be your best option.


Key Advantages To Renting A Party Bus In St. Charles


If you are planning out the details for an upcoming prom, renting a party bus in St. Charles can deliver an unparalleled range of features and benefits. It’s no secret that high school functions mean a multitude of young and inexperienced drivers transporting everyone to the venue and home. Renting a party bus in St. Charles instantly eliminates the worry of having young drivers on the road late at night. Your group will have a skilled and experienced driver who will make sure everyone gets to the venue safely and on time. Once the dance has ended, our driver will also meet the group at the designated pickup spot. From there the driver can bring the group home or transport them to any after-prom festivities before bringing them back home for the evening.


Beyond safety, renting a party bus also means adding another layer of fun to the celebration. Prom night is a special time for any high school student. At Spare Wheels Transportation, we offer an extensive range of luxury vehicles that can instantly kick off the festivities and make the evening even more memorable. We proudly offer a comprehensive selection of amenities, so you can truly personalize the entire transportation experience. Snacks, beverages, music and more can all be incorporated into the drive to kick off the event as soon as we leave the driveway.


It’s Never Too Early To Plan Your Party Bus In St. Charles


Once you’ve decided that a party bus in St. Charles makes sense for your prom, it’s important to secure your rental as soon as possible. Proms aren’t the only milestone events that roll in with the spring weather; the season is also a popular choice for weddings, as well. Contacting Spare Wheels Transportation as soon as possible will help ensure that you don’t miss out on finding the right luxury vehicle for your group’s specific needs.


Learn more about how Spare Wheels Transportation can manage all of your transportation needs on prom night. Contact us today!


Chicago Bus Rentals: Three Reasons To Use Them That May Surprise You

Limo Bus for Concerts and SportsHave you been tapped to plan an upcoming event or function? If so, you’ve probably already experienced both the fun and the functional elements of this significant responsibility. The fun part? Getting to plan all the exciting activities and adventures that your guests will enjoy. The functional part? Managing what may seem like a million details. Coordinating the minutia that goes into any successful event can quickly start to feel overwhelming, increasing the odds that you’ll forget a key component that may have made the entire planning process easier. What’s one key item that many planners in the area don’t consider (but should)? Chicago bus rentals.


Chicago Bus Rentals: Useful For Far More Than Just Weddings


When party planners initially think about professional bus rentals, they often only think about some of life’s major milestones. Weddings, large church functions and group tours will instantly come to mind when thinking about Chicago bus rentals. However, at Spare Wheels Transportation, as a leading provider of Chicago bus rentals, we know firsthand that any type of group event marks a perfect opportunity to opt for professional transportation from a reputable provider.


Three times you should consider Chicago bus rentals (but probably haven’t) include:


Surprise birthdays/anniversaries: Everyone often assumes that surprise birthdays and anniversary parties have to start at the venue itself. Not true. At Spare Wheels Transportation, we can pick up all of your guests in advance and have them waiting onboard when the guest of honor gets on for a surprise that they’ll never forget. Best of all, everyone can begin the festivities and celebrations during the drive to the venue. Once the function has ended, we will safely transport everyone back home. You’ll never have to worry about securing a designated driver; you simply need to focus on enjoying the party that you’ve planned.


Family reunions: It’s no secret that sometimes the most stressful part of family reunions is figuring out how to navigate through unfamiliar cities. We can help with that. Working with us for Chicago bus rentals means that we can pick up and drop off all of your relatives throughout the entire reunion for optimal convenience during their stay.


Business functions: Many office event planners instantly assume that they must rent individual cars for all of their corporate guests and/or traveling employees. However, this simply isn’t the case. At Spare Wheels Transportation, we often partner with corporate planners. We’ll manage all of your transport needs and help kick off the vibe of your function with customized onboard services such as food, drink and music. Best of all, Spare Wheels Transportation understands how important it is for our clients to stick to their timetable of events. We research any conflicting traffic occurrences in advance to ensure that you arrive at the venue on time. Additionally, should an unforeseen traffic disruption occur, our team of expert drivers has the skill and experience needed to choose alternative routes to minimize your delay.


Want to hear more about the services and amenities offered by our Chicago bus rentals? Contact Spare Wheels Transportation today!

Using A Party Bus Rental In Chicago As Part Of Your Game Day Festivities

party bus rental chicagoHere at Spare Wheels, we know firsthand that living in the Chicago region means embracing our many sports teams as part of our everyday culture. We also know that for Chicago fans, game day isn’t just a spectator sport. Chicago sports fans truly know how to make an entire day out of game day. From pre-game tailgating festivities to celebrating a win after the final buzzer, Chicago sports fans are the best at creating sports day memories.


Spare Wheels: The Perfect Choice For Party Bus Rental In Chicago


Have you been appointed the “planner” for the next time your favorite team plays in town? If so, you have probably already realized that there is one major detail that can make or break your plans: transportation. No matter what the size of your group, successfully getting them all to the arena can prove a significant challenge, even for the most motivated event coordinator. Before you give up on the idea of getting your entire crew to game day, contact the team at Spare Wheels. We can deliver a party bus rental in Chicago that proves an ideal solution for the big game.


What You’ll Enjoy With Party Bus Rental In Chicago From Spare Wheels


Not sure if choosing a party bus rental in Chicago makes sense for your next gaming gathering? You may change your mind once you hear about the many benefits you’ll enjoy when working with Spare Wheels. Our team delivers a unique range of service differentiators that will put a distinctive mark on your next game day, no matter what the final score.


Choosing a party bus rental in Chicago from Spare Wheels means that you’ll enjoy unparalleled convenience throughout the day. When working with us, you’ll never have to worry about coordinating the many logistics needed when managing personal transportation. We take care of everything for you; our party bus rental in Chicago will arrive at various pickup locations for ultimate convenience and to ensure that you get to the event on time.


Planning individual rides means that you all have to wait until everyone arrives at the venue to start the fun. Not so when opting for one of our vehicles. Instead, the festivities can begin as soon as everyone climbs on board. You can all ride in together to socialize and enjoy some pre-game fun during the shared commute. Best of all, working with us means that you can kick off the fun surrounded by ample creature comforts and conveniences. Luxurious seating, food, beverages and even on-vehicle restrooms are some of the many amenities offered on our vehicles to make your experience a memorable ride.


Most importantly, when working with Spare Wheels, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are working with a team of professional, licensed and experienced drivers capable of managing anything that the day brings. From traffic to post-game celebrations, a party bus rental in Chicago from Spare Wheels means that you don’t have to worry about a thing except for the final score.


Want to learn more about our service offerings? Visit Spare Wheels’ website today.

Need A Party Bus Rental In Chicago? Spare Wheels Rolls Ahead Of The Competition

Need A Party Bus Rental In Chicago? Spare Wheels Rolls Ahead Of The CompetitionHere at Spare Wheels, our team of professional transportation providers understands that coordinating any type of function, with any size of guest list, requires a lot of strategic planning and logistic coordination. From getting together a few of your favorite couples for an adults-only dinner out, to rounding up your graduating class for a milestone year reunion, there is a slew of details that require consideration to guarantee a fun time for everyone.


If you’re in the midst of convening the next social event of the season, there is one critical detail that you may be overlooking: transportation needs. Many logistical planning beginners start their event itinerary at the venue itself; however, here at Spare Wheels, we recognize that making sure everyone arrives on time and safely to the party is just as important as the festivities. Using us to coordinate your party bus rental in Chicago can help ensure that your entire event runs smoothly, from start to finish.


Choosing Spare Wheels For Your Party Bus Rental In Chicago: Why We Are The Right Choice


Of course, as a leading provider of party bus rental in Chicago, the Spare Wheels crew understands that our partners do have choices when selecting the right vendor for their function. That’s why we make it our top priority to offer a distinctive set of service and amenity differentiators as part of our core capabilities. We proudly roll ahead of our competition by offering the following:


Fast turnaround on our risk-free event quotes: If you have to wait an extensive period of time for a quote on party bus rental in Chicago, can you even imagine the type of sluggish service you might receive on the day of your function? At Spare Wheels, our commitment to service excellence begins with the quotation process; you’ll receive a prompt response that outlines all of the details of your function to make an informed final decision.


An established, recognized company: Don’t entrust your business to a fledgling firm that doesn’t have the credentials needed to ensure your evening goes off without a hitch. At Spare Wheels, we are proud members of various organizations including the DuPage County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Geneva Chamber of Commerce, St. Charles Chamber of Commerce, and more! We also have earned an A+ BBB rating, a true testament to what our clients can expect when working with us.


Professional drivers offering door-to-door service: All of our licensed, skilled and highly-trained drivers provide door-to-door service for all of our customers to deliver the ultimate experience in peace of mind that everyone in your party will arrive safely and on time.


Transportation services customized for your needs: Most importantly, when using Spare Wheels for your party bus rental in Chicago, you’ll never receive cookie cutter transportation services. We tailor every client’s services to create an itinerary that is truly customized for a perfect transport solution.


Want to hear more about why we are THE choice for a party bus rental in Chicago? Contact us today.