What To Know About Renting A Party Bus In St Charles

FAQs About Renting A Party Bus In St. Charles

Bachelor/bachelorette parties, reunions, concerts, sporting events, pub crawls, or just a night out in St. Charles with friends, nothing is a bigger buzz kill than figuring out transportation when everyone wants to have a good time.

The solution? Renting a party bus in St Charles. Light-years better than a taxi and safer than the uber-popular Uber driver, a party bus is the ultimate ride when you want to get to and from your destination in style and comfort.

How Is A Party Bus Different?

Depending on the size of your group and how far you’re going, you can choose several party bus St Charlessize busses to accommodate your needs. Some ultra-swanky modern party buses even feature built-in bars and couches, restrooms, flat-screen televisions, and even mood lighting and a bumping sound system.

Will I Have A Shady Driver?

Your party bus driver in St. Charles a highly skilled driver that has been trained to display courteousness and professionalism at all times. You and your party will be made to feel comfortable and confident that you will get to and from your destination safely.

How Do Me And My Friends Get To The Bus?

By reserving a party bus in advance, you will receive prompt door-to-door service and your driver will have directions and instructions ahead of time to eliminate confusion and miscommunication, particularly at the end of the night!

Isn’t Renting A Party Bus Expensive?

While a party bus rental is more expensive than a cab, the service and amenities are incomparable. Additionally, if you have a large group, 15 people or more, it becomes far more economical when the cost is split amongst the group.

How Are Fares Calculated For A Party Bus?

When you request a quote for a party bus in St. Charles, you will typically receive a flat rate fare for the event. Whether you plan to be gone for 3 hours or 8 hours, you will know exactly what you are paying. The alternative, watching a taximeter tick by for every minute you’re stuck in gridlock trying to leave the same concert as 30,000 other people. This is right up there on the list of top buzz kills.

Wouldn’t you rather be stuck in traffic sipping cocktails, watching TV, and hanging out with your friends?

Where Can A Party Bus Take Me?

The short answer is, anywhere throughout the St. Charles and greater Chicago area. Getting to all the major stadiums and popular event venues is second-nature for your driver, but if you want to go to a dive bar in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village, rest assured your driver will get you there as well.

Trust Spare Wheels Transportation When You Need A Party Bus In St. Charles

Whether you are taking a day trip into the city or planning a wild night on the town, Spare Wheels Transportation gives you peace of mind that you will get to and from your destination safely and on-time. You will also experience the ultimate in convenience, comfort and style when you ride with us! To learn more about our fleet or request a quote, contact us at (630) 377-4637.

3 Student Activities Made Easier With A Party Bus Rental in St. Charles, IL

3 Student Activities Made Easier With A Party Bus Rental in St. Charles, IL

For any parent, coach, or teacher who has organized an event or competition that involves travel, the most difficult and time-consuming piece of the puzzle is getting everyone there. Making sure there are enough adult drivers with vehicles large enough for kids and all their equipment can sometimes feel like an impossible chore. Next time you’re facing this task, consider renting a party bus in St. Charles, IL.

While most of us only think of party bus rentals for weddings and other special occasions, they are useful for so much more. There are so many options when it comes to how many people you can bring and what kind of vehicle you can reserve. The next time you have to plan transportation for an event, consider these three ways renting a party bus can make your life so much easier.

  1. Field Trips

There are so many great options for field trips in and around St. Charles. Whether you’re going to a local museum as a summer camp day trip, or making a trip into Chicago to see a play with your church group, renting a party bus in St. Charles, IL can ensure that everyone, chaperones and kids alike, gets there on time and is able to enjoy the trip almost as much as the destination.

  1. Extracurricular Activities

Even though your child may be in a school-sponsored club or band, the burden of transportation may still fall to the parents and teachers. This can be a logistical nightmare as well as a huge financial burden for many. However, when you rent one vehicle big enough for kids, parents, and all that equipment, everyone can relax and focus on the event. If you think your group is still too big even for the biggest bus, additional trailers may be available to help ensure everyone and everything arrives on time and ready to go!

  1. SportsParty Bus St. Charles, IL sport activities

Many kids are involved in activities like competitive sports that are outside school. This can often require parents to use their own vehicles to get to meets that are across the county, state, or even the country! Save your sanity and your car with a party bus from in St. Charles, IL! Getting a team to travel together can be a great way to keep everyone in the team spirit before an important game.

Companies like Spare Wheels are a great option when you’re looking for a party bus in St. Charles, IL. Family owned and operated for over 25 years, they have a vast selection of vehicles for all your needs. Safety is also very important to them and all drivers are background checked and drug tested before they are allowed behind the wheel. So the next time you’re planning an event for your child’s team or group, contact Spare Wheels to see how they can make it a breeze!