Five Things To Consider For Seamless Naperville Wedding Transportation

Five Things To Consider For Seamless Naperville Wedding TransportationGetting ready for your wedding day means many things. It means celebrating your unique love, getting together with friends and family, and, most importantly, lots of planning. While couples don’t have to have an ironclad focus on every single detail that will occur throughout the day, there are still countless factors that will warrant attention to ensure the entire day goes off without a hitch.


At Spare Wheels Transportation, we know that once most couples know where and when they will get married, the next major consideration is how they will get everyone there. That’s when they will need to turn to Naperville wedding transportation to help with their transportation needs.


Include Both The Fun And The Functional With Your Naperville Wedding Transportation


While there are many functional logistics to consider when planning your Naperville wedding transportation, there are also some fun details to think about, which make the entire experience unique and special. When working with a professional provider, knowing a few key tips can help make the planning experience both seamless and convenient.


Tip # 1: Have A Budget

If you’ve already started planning your wedding, you already know how important it is to stay within a budget. Your Naperville wedding transportation is no exception; not only should you know how much you have to spend, you should also work with providers that will give you a total cost estimate in advance, so you can manage your expectations and your checkbook.


Tip #2: Know Your Timeline

No, you will not be expected to know how every single second of the day will go down. However, knowing a general outline of the big events that will happen during your day can help you successfully outline your specific wedding transportation needs. At Spare Wheels Transportation, we always coordinate with our couple not only to outline the day, but also to create a buffer for any last minute occurrences that may come up.


Tip #3: Consider “The Who”

Yes, many couples will hire transportation for their attendants, parents and grandparents. However, if you find a quality provider who offers reasonable prices and large enough vehicles, the sky is truly the limit on who you’re able to transport throughout your day. Talk with your vendor to discuss options for out of town guests or anyone else who you think may enjoy being chauffeured.


Tip #4: Personalize The Journey

If you thought you couldn’t customize the transportation experience for your guests, think again. At Spare Wheels transportation, we offer a comprehensive range of services and options that you can enjoy during the trip. Playing special songs, serving champagne and offering snacks are just some of the many ways that we can help personalize the trip for your guests.


Tip #5: Get A Contract

Finally, once you have ironed out all of your specific transportation needs; ask your provider to put it in writing. Having a contract that outlines all of the details is the only way to guarantee that both parties understand every detail. A contract guarantees peace of mind and ensures that you will get every service you deserve on your big day.

Want to learn more about our comprehensive services for Naperville wedding transportation? Contact Spare Wheels today.


10 Reasons To Plan Ahead For Wedding Transportation In Chicago

10 Reasons To Plan Ahead For Wedding Transportation In ChicagoGetting married this year and overwhelmed by details? Busy as you are, plan for wedding transportation in Chicago early in the process. Once you have decided on the venue, bought the dresses, and made a million other arrangements for a memorable day, your concern turns to getting to the church on time and making sure that your bridal party and guests do too. Many available transportation options in and nearby the Windy City book quickly, so planning ahead will take a big load off your mind when you engage Spare Wheels, Chicago’s best option for trouble-free event transportation.


Here are the top reasons to call Spare Wheels for your wedding transportation in Chicago and beyond.


  1. Let’s face it, wedding dresses can be voluminous, so traveling in a car or even a limo can compromise them. Vans and buses made for wedding transport offer more room. If you have selected bridesmaids dresses that can be worn again, your wedding party will appreciate the extra space to accommodate formalwear. Many of our buses have couch seating that makes maneuvering big dresses easy.
  2. You can find options for wedding transportation in Chicago large enough to accommodate everyone in your party. Rather than engage a fleet of cars to transport everyone in the wedding party, plus perhaps your parents, you can keep everyone together for timely arrival at the church, sites for taking pictures, and reception.
  3. With buses that can accommodate 35 passengers or more, you can assist your guests in reaching the church or reception without getting lost. Especially if you have many out-of-town guests, this can prevent frustration on their part caused by getting lost or dealing with Chicago traffic.
  4. Assuming that you are not having a “dry wedding,” offering transportation to and from the reception limits concerns about the need for designated drivers. You don’t want to mar the fond memories of your wedding with alcohol-related accidents.
  5. Start the party on the road. Many buses have bars on board, so you can responsibly serve champagne and other beverages without safety concerns.
  6. You can even obtain buses with wheelchair accommodations, which is wonderful if you have disabled or elderly relatives who might have difficulty navigating wedding events. You want them to be part of your special day, and by providing accessible transportation, you can make that come to pass.
  7. You will have no worries about “disappearing vendors.” A bride or groom’s worst nightmare is that the band, photographer, or venue you picked will be out of business by the time your wedding occurs. With over 25 years of experience in offering transportation for weddings and rehearsal dinners, as well as for schools, church groups, senior citizens, sports teams, corporate groups, and more, you can depend on us.
  8. Even if you have the wedding in your family church on the north side of Chicago but want your reception in Wheaton, we are happy to be in the driver’s seat. You can check the cities and venues we often serve on our website, but we’re happy to quote transport to any location.
  9. Prior to the big day, we can even be the designated drivers for bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal party visits to salons and spas, and any other wedding-related events.
  10. Event planners are part of the package. Booking with Spare Wheels includes the services of our event planners who will take your itinerary to heart to make sure every aspect of your transport is timely, comfortable, and arranged to your liking.


Plan Ahead For A Stress-free Day


Wedding transportation in Chicago for the final days leading up to your wedding and on your wedding day itself should not be an afterthought. Let Spare Wheels be a part of your wedding planning early on. For information or to request a quote, call us at 630-377-4637 or contact us.