Three Reasons To Use Spare Wheels For Your Wedding Transportation In Naperville

If you have begun planning your wedding, you already know firsthand that getting ready to say, “I do” requires a lot of careful coordination. You have to find the reception venue and the ceremony site, order the invitations, hire a photographer, buy the dress and so much more. While there is much to consider, it’s important to focus on finding one important vendor before moving on to everything else: your wedding transportation in Naperville. Why is your limousine service so important? Without quality wedding transportation, you and those closest to you will never make it to all of the places they need to be on your special day.


Spare Wheels Stands Out From Other Limo Service Providers


When looking through the list of providers that offer wedding transportation in Naperville, you will quickly realize that you do have options. However, when booking your date, it’s important to know that not all limo service vendors are the same. Here at Spare Wheels, we pride ourselves on offering distinctive service options that separate us from the competition.


Why Should You Choose Us For Your Wedding Transportation In Naperville? At Spare Wheels, We Offer:


An Extensive Vehicle Fleet

Some providers are limited to how many passengers they can transport based on the size of their vehicle(s). Not Spare Wheels. We offer an extensive vehicle fleet that offers cars, limos and buses of virtually every size. From a 35-person luxury bus to limo service for a small and intimate group, Spare Wheels can help ensure everyone in your party has a reserved seat. Best of all, our vehicles offer specialty features such as built-in bars, restrooms, and even a 42″ plasma screen television so our passengers feel luxuriously pampered as soon as they step inside.

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Customized Transportation Services

Of course, simply offering spacious luxury buses and limos is not enough; here at Spare Wheels we also make customer service excellence our top priority. How? By offering customized transportation services on every excursion. We work closely with the bride and groom to make their transportation experience even more special. From snacks and beverages, to piping in specific music selections, we can help get you and your guests get ready for the season’s biggest event: your wedding.


A Professional Driving Staff

At Spare Wheels, we firmly believe that our drivers represent us on every outing; that is why we only hire the very best professional drivers possible. Our staff is licensed, trained, and experienced in driving our vehicles. Most importantly, as a leading provider of wedding transportation in Naperville, our drivers at Spare Wheels know how to help you manage anything unexpected that may arise during the day. From finding an alternate route to avoid traffic, to making a last minute trip to the convenience store for an overlooked necessity, our drivers will get everyone what they need and where they need to be.


If you’re planning your big day, let Spare Wheels manage your wedding transportation in Naperville Visit Spare Wheels’ website for more information, or contact us today!